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  1. Hey, I appreciate you sending me those links, I already took care of it and Im actually using some of the Privacy tips you guys have on the forum right now. Encrypting my drive and all that good stuff, I really appreciate the help though!
  2. Just going to reset windows Sorry for making the post for no reason
  3. Oh any by the way, I was going to put a keylogger on my Virtual Machine because I was scambaiting and wasting there time. Figured if I could get some info on them I could report it somewhere.
  4. OH AND Dism had a system error while running, Just froze at 12.7% after sitting with it for an hour like that I decided to Go ahead and Say Hey Help to you guys.
  5. So, Last time I was here, I had an issue with my chrome having a virus and all that. Well this time, I did some real dumb and was like YEAH imma just go install metasploit so I can totally create a keystroke logger for my Virtual Machine. Why I needed this? I have no idea I just thought it would be neat to see how all that worked. WELL Here I am now, I have so many Threat issues on Windows Security (I wiped my pc 4 or 5 days ago just because and hadn't installed malwarebytes again until After the fact of installing meta-sploit) This caused Windows Security to crash every time I entered my protection history, AND I had real-time protection on it turned off at the time because I kinda knew Windows Security was going to go INSANE, But it reenabled itself and now has no detections when I run a scan, Which I did uninstall Metasploit with the uninstaller.
  6. I misnamed the title, The detections are like chillin even after it removes them?
  7. Malwarebytes removes them, Then They show back up in the next scan. Addition.txt FRST.txt latest scan.txt scan2.txt scan3.txt
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