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  1. Yes, that would be my guess because it was working fine for years until yesterday when it wrongfully terminated exactly as it said it would despite receiving the annual subscription fee a month ago. I'm in the 14 Day Trial period, can we please ensure it's resolved by then? I did put in a support ticket at the time and if Porthos is correct above it's a little crappy I go to the back of the line because MB never responded to it. I work extensively all day long on this PC and count on MB for protection. It is a great product and I've never had an infection since I found and used M
  2. Thanks, But technically I've been in the queue since ticket #3235080 I submitted on 10/18/20 and received no reply to. I did generate logs before running the support tool clean uninstall/reinstall if that helps.
  3. Hey Porthos, Thanks for the help. I ran the support tool, generating log files on the desktop first. I did the simple clean uninstall/reinstall but still no-go. When I plug in my License Key/ID I still get Error MBAM403102- "The current license entitlement has expired" Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hello, My annual subscription renewed on 10/12/20 as it has for the last four years and I received a receipt from Cleverbridge. I am a retail, home user with 3 PCs activated. I have a longstanding online account. My debit card of record was successfully charged $24.95 on 10/13/20. Immediately after renewal I started getting suspension warnings from MB upon booting requesting updated payment info. I sent a Support Ticket, #3235080 on 10/18/20 with both the renewal receipt and screen grab of the charge in my bank account. I received NO response and as of today MB terminated, so I gener
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