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  1. This is hardly an excuse when that's been perfectly standard verbiage for software updates for decades, and in near-universally means that the software requires a restart to function correctly, not that the software will require you to restart.
  2. I just updated MBAM to version 4.2.3 and at the conclusion of the update process, I was prompted to restart immediately or my system would be restarted without my consent in 10 minutes. This behavior is wildly unacceptable, openly user-hostile, and will inevitably result in data loss. If this isn't changed by the next version, I'm switching to a different AV package that isn't designed with baked-in disrespect for users. There is no situation in which it's appropriate to forcibly shut down a user's computer, which could well be in the middle of a long compilation or rendering task. The traditional "restart now" and "restart later" options are the only acceptable way to handle this situation.
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