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    Hello, sorry, ping gave me the wrong IP. ***I successfully accessed that site with both Firefox and Chrome browsers using HTTPS protocol. I tested the MalwareBytes-Addon for FireFox in a separate VM five minutes before, the block disappeared now. Maybe the FF-Addon uses another database than the normal MalwareBytes-Installation. Thank you.

    The problem is not solved, the Malwarebytes firefox addon is still blocking our website.
  3. Virustotal does not find any problems, https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/2b0af31b5478a5a956cb5c698e7324f547704ba40bb1ce8e1854d361aec70a1d/detection but the malwarebytes browser plugin blocks our website. We are selling tax accounting and /-submitting software to german customers which includes also lawyers and tax accountants. The false warning is bad for business. Our support received customer requests already. Please unblock our website immediately, else we see ourselves forced to take up legal steps!
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