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  1. Thanks, yeah I've seen the guide. I will choose between that or directly changing the smartphone. Sorry for the question but do you know why there are these problems? What's the purpose of selling an infected smartphone? Because I don't think there's a profit for the brand, on the contrary there's an image damage. Is because the brand uses also other companies (for the manufacture of the smartphone) who indeed insert the malware?
  2. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my dad's smartphone. It's a low budget one: Brondi 730 4g HD. There's a pre-installed "wireless update" wich installs malwares like trojan. These trojan are app names as "view", "supli", "Qzo", "prag"... And they not only create a lot of boring pop-up, they also stel money from the credit. In fact, they send independently SMSs without any action from the user! This "wireless update" can't be uninstalled from the smartphone... I also want to report this problem because I think it's dangerous that there are smartphone infected from the start! I know that this problem has been found also in the U.S.A. for some low budget smartphone. So is there a solution or I have to change the smartphone?
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