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  1. Hi Kevin i did everything! Thank you so much for helping me. i sent you a beer Really thank you for your help! and i hope that this topic could help others who have the same problem.
  2. ok. i did it, it found 1 file...but it was in frst.... i attached the log file and these images.... maybe should i manually delete the dir quarantine in C/FRST ? Let me know and thanks again! report_20201110_165239.zip
  3. Sure, this is the msert log, just created. it still finds 4 infected files. See attached image. i did customized scan, because i have 3 big hard disk, and so i set: customized, and selected just "C:", my system unit. ...so there is still something bad? i'm pretty sure that MS scanner is not able to clean the files it finds. it says that hacktool is partially removed, and the virtools is removed, but if i scan again right now, i suppose it will find again the same elements.... msert (2).zip
  4. Hi, yeah! The problem is solved! Thank you so much man! I will offer you a drink. this is the final fix log , and the last malwarebytes log after rebooting. I think that now the system is cleaned. Your help is really appreciated man! Do you think i really need to do other scans with other softwares? malwarebytesLOG.txt Fixlog.txt
  5. in the meanwhile i did also an adwcleaner scan, and it found 15 elements. it was able to clean all 15 elements rebooting my win10. i did a second adwcleaner scan, and it says there aren't bad files anymore. But the problem still resist i attach the adw log, and new frst and addition files as you requested. Please, help FRST.txt Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  6. i did also a msert scan. this is log file. msert.zip
  7. Every time i paste a bitcoin address, my sistem will past a different one. I read some similar topic on this forum, i did an eset online scans....it found something, but the problem is not solved. i did also a malwarebytes scan with rootkit, it found other things, but the problem is not solved. i did a scan with farber and i 'm going to attach log files. i did also a CBS zip file, following instructions on other topic. what else can i do? Thank you in advance for who wants to help me. FRST.txt Addition.txt CBS.zip
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