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  1. Thanks Ron, I went to your link and was only offered to make another account. I missed the email part, however name and email was not show on database when queered. I did not have the original purchase email..or it's buried on an old drive..or credit card statement? Cheers!
  2. Thanks all! Anyway, created another account to check with old Malwarebytes online store. Nothing shown which was really disappointing. Reads up on using Regedit "hives" since drive is good. Read the malawarebyte registry setting. There is everything, ID, key and date purchased from online store. Lifetime key is now on new W10 desktop..and keys backed up!
  3. I have 3 lifetime keys. All key info, for two, backed up. Lightning fried old W7 motherboard for the 3rd key. Cant find backup key file for this one. The drive with install OK, checked with external drive dock. Anyway, this key should be on file with Malwarebytes, bought before smartbridge. Anyway to look up key for new W10 desktop? Thx
  4. Myself and several friends ran out of memory, crashed with black screens. I had to quit Malwarebytes to get here! Right before crash I lost online protection. Bad update, again????
  5. Thanks Porthos, Somehow, I thought my original Pro key was for 3 computers, 2006? Anyway, thanks again for your time. My 2nd lifetime key is for 1 computer only, so not sure how I messed that up. Mike
  6. Noticed one of my laptops now on free version. Did not see notification when this happened but have had several versions of W10 and Malwarebytes auto installed. I'm unable to download info on my very old key of lifetime on three computers from my email address. Can I zero the three computers to get authorization back on track? I can only deactivate on two now. Thanks for your help, Mike
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