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  1. Uh, OK, user error in entering required license info...back on stream and everything working well. Thanks again for input.
  2. Thank you, Firefox, for responding. So, did everything required, and downloaded program from CNET site...went to the <Protection> page, where I got the <Purchase> or <Register> prompts. I then tried to enter all the reg data from original email when first purchased, and kept getting the <...member does not have to register their (sic) account...> error message. What now?
  3. I have ver. 1.45 installed on HP laptop Pavilon dv6, and recently when manually starting Protection module, I get the following message on Exiting: <[Open Event] General Setting 2>. Upon clicking on the <OK> button the application shuts down, and loss of protection. Any suggestions for a fix? Never have seen this problem before using several earlier versions. Absolutely no change in PC settings or any other potential conflicting apps added in the interim.
  4. If it at all significant to the topic at hand, I launched Windows Resource Monitor shortly before a scheduled auto-update of the database, where memory usage of MBAMServices came in at ca. 48MB...after db update process completed(3504), memory usage increased to 68MB and is holding at this value. I'll keep my laptop in use until next update cycle (24hrs) to see if memory uptick again occurs upon auto-install of succeeding db update.
  5. I had the infamous "memory creep" in ver. 1.42, but that seemed to disappear in ver. 1.43. However, lately, on rebooting I was unable to start real-time protection module, with the "error:1073" window popping up, followed immediately by the "protection started" message box. Unfortunately, when opening another pane in the MBAM control panel (Updates, eg.) and then returning to the Protection pane, it shows real-time protection again DISABLED. Toggling Start Protection brought back the 1073 error message yet again. Finally, I went to the Win7 start menu and typed in <services.msc>, the
  6. Had same difficulty using ver. 1.42 - memory usage would rise from ca. 50MB to 410MB in less than an hour! However, after downloading and installing ver. 1.43, the app has run all day, remaining steady at 45MB in PROTECTION mode. Well done on the fix!
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