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  1. I have seen the message before such as you "MAY" have to restart from many, many, many programs over years an years. No other program that I can recall (ever) finished installing and forced a restart, let alone in ten minutes. TELL US BEFOREHAND THAT IT IS A "IMMEDIATE FORCED RESTART"
  2. Today was the first time I've encountered a forced restart within 10 minutes. I lost work, open windows, etc. I was so shocked. Never seen this before, and WHAT SOFTWARE DOES DOES THIS TYPE OF TIMED FORCED RESTART? "Malware": thats who. I spent about 45 minuted researching this, I was sure my Malwarebytes had been corrupted/replaced with Malware itself, and now i was going to get a rootkit installed. I am equally shocked to find out that this is your programmed behavior. I've been recommending Malwarebytes to countless users for years and years and years. 10 minute
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