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  1. received a kb article from support. running the elevated command restores the endpoint agent config file: "c:\program files\malwarebytes endpoint agent\configurationrecoverytool.exe" "c:\program files\malwarebytes endpoint agent\mbcloudea.exe" would be even better to restore remotely/manually instead of interrupting users to touch their PC's.
  2. At least once a month I have windows 10 agents that stop reporting to Nebula. I normally have to start the agent remotely on the PC but this time I'm getting a 14001 error. I can't do a repair install on the PC as it says the installation is corrupt. Not the first time I've seen a corrupt install after it was working just fine for months. Have to touch each machine by running the malwarebytes support tool to do the "clean" function. What is going on with MB? First it was the printer offline issue and now this. I've opened a business support case. Last reported for these victims
  3. are there plans for integrated reporting in Nebula? Similar to how you have made this add-in.
  4. ok that makes sense, i chose scan and report after deploying to endpoints in November. So far in December nothing has been marked as 'found'. can you comment on my previous post about suspicious activity not showing up in the summary report?
  5. What is the difference between 'found' and 'quarantined' in the detection data worksheet? I downloaded filezilla as a test, I was able to install it and later mb quarantined the setup file. That detection has a 'quarantined' status not 'found'.
  6. PC's are not rebooted often but when they do the malwarebytes endpoint agent service does not always start. I added a GPO to delay start after a user logs on, however, that doesn't appear to be working consistently. What have others done to get this working properly so I don't have to spend my days manually starting the service?
  7. Opened a ticket but suspicious activity is not included in the summary report.
  8. removed the agent for now, had to reboot to show printer online again.
  9. not so fast. issue still remains after latest release. printed 1 page and it went offline. i have disabled web protection for now on the policy and will see if i have to remove the agent. uploaded diag logs to the ticket i have open with support 3261984.
  10. is released and pushing to a handful of endpoints.
  11. if you're a business customer you have to wait and based on the latest post here it looks like the consumer version gets dibs on the fix in beta.
  12. workaround for me at the moment is to uninstall the software from the endpoint. no workaround is working anymore except to remove it.
  13. that is correct nebula. i'll update the ticket when i get a reply - i don't see a history of my tickets in nebula.
  14. thanks. MBAMService.exe is currently around 256MB with web protection disabled. when enabled it's up around 800MB. MBCloudEA.exe is always about 100MB or slightly under. Ticket for printer issue is under 3261984
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