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  1. so after wiping all my drives (2 hdd and 1 nvme ssd) I decided to install win10 on my ssd only (hdd aren't connected at the moment) just in case something happens again. upon first boot I connected tdsskiller and hitman pro and they found a couple traces in chrome cookies. so all good I hope did a scan with FRST and noticed something very strange, files are attached. should I just get knew drives at this point? and yes I did name the main account that lol Shortcut.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. Just going to do a clean install, ive never encountered malware like this
  3. hey mate, my pc randomly shutdown and now i cant open anthing and I have lost the icon for the file explorer, I cant open any .exe's
  4. Tried to run frst and it said "The system could not find the enviroment option that was entered"
  5. I havent been able to pick this virus up with anything despite being able to see its logs in the windows file on my boot drive (have used mbar,farbar, kvrt,msert but nothing will pick it up)
  6. have tried to clean install windows as someone managed to take control of my pc but after noticing strange mouse behaviour (clicking on random things) i had a look around and thats what i have found. have attached log files, any help would be greatly appreciated FRST.txt Addition.txt
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