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  1. I get a static image page when I tried to log into windows 10 and was only able to get into safe mode with networking… I tried adwcleaner_8.2 and adwcleaner Kaspersky Removal Tool 2020 on my own but they failed to detect anything… Also even though I got into safe mode, I wasn’t able to install some anti virus softwares and those I were able to installed weren’t runnable … Requesting assistance…
  2. I came across some OPs from malwarebytes about task manager malware and understand the solution involves fixlist. I caught the notice that fixlist is system specific according to report infos and using it on non compatible system can cause problem. I accident went on line for a bit without realizing my anti virus app was off and might ‘ve picked up tht task manager malware. My task manager closes often enough to be a nuisance. While this isn’t urgent problem , I would like the matter resolved… Can an authorized user assist me with this matter? Thanks in advanc
  3. well this is belated response....but i kinda figure out the problem...it was chrome on my andriod.... i resetted my andriod and still had the same problem... but after i switched to opera and uninstalled chrome i been problem free.... and on my laptop windows 10 , chrome has no problem.... does chrome have vulnerability on andriod os?
  4. Problem started a while back….. Avast would regularly inform of the same malwares over and over again…I been uninstalling them but they keep coming back….i even uninstalled chrome on a hunch to see if that was somehow related to that but no luck so far….. They are as follows: Snake, gascorek, gooysf, …. Have any malwarebytes staff devised special apps to tackle specifically this type of problem yet?
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