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  1. Already tried all of this, removed my sync, reset my sync, cleared cache and all history components, the "Managed by your organization" is still present
  2. Problem wasn't fixed by that either, still seeing the message up on my chrome
  3. Hey, the problem hasn'Fixlog.txtt been fixed with running this text file. Here is the fixlog file
  4. Hey, thanks for the reply! I already tried every step and nothing worked. Here are the Farbar text files FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Hello, Yesterday I downloaded a program from the website "Keygen Ninja" while trying to get a keygen for a game I wanted. I ran the .exe file and ads were showing up on my google chrome and some shortcuts were getting deleted. A lot of requests for programs to run kept showing up and I pressed "no" on all of them. After that, I immediately downloaded MalwareBytes and ran a full scan, which took 6 hours, and something around 70 viruses were found. I quarantined all of them, and I ran other tools like Hitman Pro and adwcleaner to make sure everything was clean. I woke up this morning to a
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