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  1. BCUninstaller-fpfiles.zipfpreport-bcuninstaller.txt Got a false positive from BCuninstaller today. See attachments for more info.
  2. Oops forgot that! Here you go. I also added the uk version of the ModernFlyouts.resources.dll file so you can compare. ModernFlyouts-false positive.zip
  3. ModernFlyouts is being detected as a false positive in directory C:\PROGRAM FILES\WINDOWSAPPS\32669SAMG.MODERNFLYOUTS_0.7.8.0_X86__PCY8VM99WRPCG\. The AI Detection id is Malware.AI.2033541879 ModernFlyouts can be downloaded fron the Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/modernflyouts/9mt60qv066rp
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