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  1. ok got it thanks. i will keep eyes on deals for personal use license.
  2. one ask: one license is enough for next MB upgrade? will it activates next one?
  3. thanks for advise. When i be able to purchase will run it besides to MS defender. btw have MB deals?
  4. i have heard that 2 AV's same PC makes conflicts to each other coz of that i asked. thanks.
  5. thanks for your provided link. will look on it. appreciated. one more question: If i will purchase MB full version premium will it be suitable to MS defender?
  6. Thank u. same to u. Malwarebytes Techbench USB that looks cool but so expensive it is.
  7. yeah u are right. it is mine laptop and no one touch's it. i am not going to use it for untrusted sites. I am also IT man. thank u.
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