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  1. Hey Kevin, It's responding great, just as well as it was before! (If not better). I wish I could've donated more, my apologies. Thanks again.
  2. Hey Kevin, I'd like to report the Sophos found no threats, and I've attached the FRST logs below. I'm not sure if the attached Sophos logs are from the scan or of any importance but I've attached those as well. Thank you so much for the help! It's greatly appreciated. Fixlog.txt SophosVirusRemovalTool_cloud4.log SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  3. Hey Kevin, I let MalwareBytes run throughout the night and here are the results from it and FRST, attached below: Thank you so much! MalwareBytes Rookit Scan - CoffeeOreo.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Evening Kevin, Just got back home, will try these and get back to you. Thanks. I should note, after what I did last night, even now the ads don't seem to pop up. I'm still going to run these suggestions
  5. Hello guys, So, I'm watching a series before bedtime and my son comes over and says something's wrong with the laptop. Skipping the theatrics, he downloaded something from "KeyGenNinja"? A generator key software. He said he opened it up but it never did anything. When he went back to Google Chrome, tabs would randomly open leading to ads. When I looked at it, it was true, I opened Google, I tried searching stuff tabs opened and randomly closed (I'm assuming adblocker). Sometimes Yelp would show up, other times something about Websecurerr.Then an application popped up, broom sweeper or something. It looks like a fake virus remover, it was located on my desktop. I removed that. So I got to work, or tried to. I opened up Malwarebytes, google chromed opened and closed. In task manager they were processes like keygen I couldn't end Then the laptop shut down and restarted ..yay. I fired up Malwarebytes, it found like 90+ issues. Bunch of trojans etc. I quarantined them and deleted. I installed Malwarebytes adware cleaner and did the same. The Log is under the name of History.txt. I'm creating this post an hour after deletion, so I'm uploading the history logs. However that didn't solve the problem, the laptop was still running a bit slow and google chrome still suffered from random ads, so I took my time and went through all (most of my files/documents/download folders), viewing hidden items as well, sorting through the recents and deleting any and everything that was created during a specific time. Even as I'm typing this my cursor turns to a "click hand" which tells me my next click will be a ad popup. The adware logs are uploaded below as well. From the keygen files I found using a local disk search I deleted manually, but I found a UPKOL folder I've never seen before and I deleted most contents of the folder except one. A SU10Guard which says I cant delete because it's open in Stop Updates 10. (Help me out there?) I'm currently running Zemana AntiMalware with a deep scan on my local disk. A lot of the files looked to be in my Roaming Local App Data etc. Some were in my documents folder. I would really like my PC to clean again as well as Chrome to behave. ANy help is appreciated. When my Zemana antimalware scan is finished I'll post the logs. History.txt AdwCleaner[C01].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt AdwCleaner[S01].txt
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