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  1. Hi @mbam_mtbr, thanks for answering. I followed all the steps you mentioned above, but the same pattern repeats : when I type "to" (whithout pressing enter), Firefox tries to access towitter.com and is blocked by URL filter. How can I look for adware on my device, knowing that neither Malewarebytes nor Dr. Web detect anything ? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Since a few weeks, I noticed a strange behavior in Firefox for android : at first when I when I wanted to type in the search box for example "sony", after the letters "s" an "o" were displayed, it opened the site "soamsung.com", and because I enabled URL filter in my antivirus (Dr. Web), I was redirected towards a warning page about "Not recommended websites". The same happened when I typed something beginning by "er": it opened "erbay.com", but this was blocked by URL filter as well. There was other examples like this, I begin to type, then I'm redirected. So I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it. I precise no malware was found in Dr. Web so I tried Malwarebytes : no malware was found either. Later, despite reinstalling, I observed the same behavior, but this time with "to": the towitter.com website opened, but was blocked. So, by curiosity, I looked into the firewall feature of Dr Web (which record all internet connections of each app) and saw something : very late in the night or very very early in the morning (when I don't use Firefox because I'm sleeping), there is connections coming from Firefox to some IPs, different from a day to another. They seem to be located anywhere on the planet (one from Madrid,Spain or another from Oregon USA...) according to whatismyip.com and the ISP is Amazon.com Inc. How can I solve this ? Thanks for helping.
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