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  1. Website blocked due to a Trojan Your Malwarebytes Premium blocked this website because it may contain a Trojan. We strongly recommend you do not continue. Go back I want to continue to this site anyway I am webmaster for the comex3.com website. It has been blocked by Browser Guard for no apparent reason I can see. I have the full content of the site on my PC and there is no problem with that. Could you please check this out and whitelist it if there is no problem. Thanks
  2. You are correct - it is a Browser Guard alert. Thankyou for your action. Don
  3. I put a link in an email to a friend to visit my website, gotopcs.net and made a slight mistake, in that I sent a link to a non-existent page, namely www.gotopcs.net/10021ch23.html instead of the intended 10021ch22.html. The error was caught by my errorpage redirector so all was well. Except that Malwarebytes Premium blocked the link and declared the site as a source of malware. I am the webmaster and have a full copy of the website on my desktop. There is no malware. I need this false positive removed immediately, as the site is used for publicising the work of one of the departments of a Sc
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