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  1. Im just taking as that it’s serious until I know it’s not. I’ve ended the process and deleted the file for now. I know that it was from Autodesk so if Fusion360 stops working I’ll just redownload it.
  2. Thanks. That’s good news to hear it’s probably nothing actually malicious. Hopefully the experts can check and make sure. Thanks.
  3. Right. I went into task manager and ended the process for it running (sorry I forgot what it called itself, but it was under a different name to the one in the logs. Same icon though) and then deleted it from my files. That’s since stopped it and Fusion360 still seems to run normally. It’s not producing any alerts that there’s been a Trojan stopped and Fusion360 still seems to work fine. Hopefully it can still be sorted and added to the MBAM database to get rid of it if it’s a real Trojan.
  4. Getting the exact same thing. I’ve check where it was coming from (that FNPLicensingservice one) and opened the XML file. It mentions Autodesk which is who makes Fusion360 (which I have on my computer). so it’s either a false positive on malware bytes end, or it’s been possible compromised and really is blocking trojans? hopefully it can be sorted asap
  5. Doing the exact same thing with me. Ran adware cleaner and several rounds of MBAM. Nothing. Just checked the XML and it references Autodesk, and I have Fusion360 installed, so it’s either a false positive or their service has been compromised and it really is blocking a Trojan. Hopefully it can be resolved soon.
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