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  1. The only connection at home is wifi through a mobile phone hotspot. there are NO other connections at my home. Did you see the screen shot where i ping www.netflix.com in command prompt and it redirects to dualstack.wwwservice2--frontend-san-vpc0-571120560.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com? how can i stop it redirecting me?
  2. okay, 1. i have reset the hosts file to normal default as instructed in guide (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/972034/how-to-reset-the-hosts-file-back-to-the-default) 2. searched for infected pdf files in c:\Users\locky\AppData\Local\Packages\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe found 20 files. tryed to delete all 20 pdf files. could not delete, got an error ( this is no longer located in c:\Users\locky\AppData\Local\Packages\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe verify the items location and try again) 3. deleted old fixlis
  3. Update on situation. I have tried to boot safe mode (Pressing f8 on start up and selecting safe mode with networking) Computer just shows black screen. Rebooted computer Selected start up repair Asked to enter password, entered password. Got message (start-up repair couldn't repair your PC) Clicked advanced options. Clicked system restore. Selected 10/18/20 restore point. System restore completed successfully. Restarted comp. All booted back to normal. Logged in all good. Phew! Crisis averted haha. Now computer is
  4. Hi Maurice, thanks for further instructions. First thing first. I don't have access to ethernet connection for internet access *AT HOME*. The only option I have WHEN AT HOME is my mobile phone hotspot wifi, (which I have been using for years with no problem). if I take computer into town I can get access to a Ethernet connection to the internet (at gf house). I said this before in a older post. But I don't even need access to a Ethernet port I just need to leave my house. I Simply connect to my phone wifi hot spot *IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION* (not at home) and everything
  5. Hi Maurice, I've found something that's very unusual! i opened command prompt and pinged www.google.com it worked all good. then i tried to ping www.netflix.com straight away it redirected me too (dualstack.wwwservice2--frontend-san-vpc0-571120560.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com) how would i go about stopping it from redirecting me? attached is screen shot of me pinging www.netflix.com in command prompt
  6. took the comp into town yesterday, first thing i did was connect to my phone wifi hotspot. tested netflix, it worked fine... downloaded eset scan, it worked fine... log attached came back home today. connected computer to same phone wifi hotspot. test netflix, not working. im about to give up honestly. makes no sense its like something in this location is physically blocking this computer from normal web browsing.. like why does youtube work fine but not netflix? why can i post this on this website but cant load another? 10-18-20 ESET SCAN.txt
  7. Just ran a scan with the microsoft safety scanner, still got the same viruses. ill take comp into town and get eset today.
  8. good morning Maurice. i followed your steps, and changed all files and folders to visible and successfully removed avg with the avg remover, (downloaded from avg website no problems) step 3 is where i run into problems. once again eset scanner does not download initial scan update and fails to scan ive attached screen shot of the error message in eset scanner once it times out. one thing id like to ask is why is there a (40) next to the youtube tab? also windows has done some updates since running the fix it scan. ive attached a screen shot of the recent updates t
  9. done that scan all good mate comp restarted and said it completed successfully. attached is the log file. Fixlog.txt
  10. hi there, thank you for the next step of instructions maurice i tried but was unable to download Malwarebytes support tool (screenshot attached) using the link provided. like i said before its as not just netflix that is being blocked there is a lot of other random things that will not download also. youtube still works normaly streams video fine, netflix not loading still, online multiplayer games over steam work fine still also. I could possibly download Malwarebytes support tool on my mobile phone and then transfer the file to my computer, not sure if it will need to dow
  11. okay i have uninstalled the agv anti virus. the files that avg found and quarantined : 4 x Other:malware-gen [trj] i followed steps to reset the winsock and flush dns, but it did not resolve the issuse, still not loading netflix. but it did something different, when i clicked the short cut to Netflix on my home page. it said in bottom left corner of crome waiting for play.google.com not sure why its trying to load from play google? after about 2 mins its come up with the usual This site can’t be reached www.netflix.com took too long to re
  12. Oh the exact message it leaves on my web browser when it doesn't load is website timed out check your internet connection. But if I try load YouTube it works straight away, just not Netflix.
  13. Good morning Maurice Too answer your question about the home ethernet connection the answer would be no as the only way I can connect to the internet at home is by using my mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. I'll have to take the computer back into town again to get access to a modem with a LAN connection. AVG was the first program that I installed after a fresh install of windows 10 (I done a complete reformat of c drive and reinstalled windows 10 from USB image). I want to make it clear that after I FORMATED C-drive and REINSTALLED a fresh copy of windows 10. The malwa
  14. Hi Maurice thanks for the reply. I've already downloaded that program and done a scan but I believe the malware is interfering with my computers home wifi connection and it is stoping it from downloading the definition update and the scan eventually gives a message failed to start. The only way I've been able to get antivirus programs installed and successfully have Windows Update install updates and drivers, (brand new installation of windows 10) is by taking the computer to a different house with access to a LAN connection and boot windows into safe mode with networking and downloa
  15. i download microsoft saftey scanner today and ran a system scan. came back with a few viruses: -microsoft safety scanner report- trojan:pdf/phish partially removed trojan:pdf/phish.bpk!mtb partially removed trojan:o97m/phish removed virtool:win32/defendertamperingrestore removed how can i get these viruses removed ? microsoft safety scanner report.txt
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