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  1. Thank you, I believe this is one area that need to be addressed and websites are being hacked and edited with some sort of obfuscated codes. From what I have searched so far, there are 3 companies (Virusdie.com, BitNinja.Io,imunify360.com) that are providing this as of now and I hope More big players such as malwarebytes, Kaspersky, Bitdefender can look into this issue and fix these web-based malware issues.
  2. I am kind of surprised that most such softwares including Kaspersky, Avira, Bitdefender does not have scan for web-based malwares for obfuscated codes, etc when there are Millions and billions of websites hosted onto so many servers and they pay very little attention to these types of web-based malwares. I have been trying to find a provider that have this kind of service.
  3. Hi Guys, Does malwarebytes removes web-based malwares such as Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, etc ? We have clients who wants to remove some sort of Obfuscated codes from their websites and we are wondering if malwarebytes can detect and remove such malwares from php files? Any recommendations ? Please take a look at the attached file for some of the sample from our client. lware.zip
  4. Hi, we are considering setting up Malware endpoint protection for linux-Ubuntu 20. Just want to check if there is any API documentation support for this endpoint?
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