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  1. hey i actually managed to figure it out, this may help you in the future. so i have a PCi wifi card in my PC. but it was old and outdated to i stopped using it and got a new USB wifi adapter. so i guess these programs were trying to access the internet via the wifi card and not my new adapter. if i took it out it might solve my issues. but i disabled my adapter and enabled my card and everything booted up fine no issues. the adapter is the NETGEAR ac1900. malwarebytes is activated, updated. everything is fine now. totally strange.
  2. sorry new to forums lol. this is what i get. tried to activate my license, also when i booted it up it said it couldnt connect to the servers or something. i shuld have screen shotted it.
  3. when i tried to update i got this, downloaded the support thing to fix it but even that failed. internet works absolutely fine. the support tool actually went and removed malwarebytes so now im stuck with nothing here and i cant even download the thing. i didnt see a post that had my specific problem so posting my own. sent a ticket to malwarebytes. mbst-clean-results.txt
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