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  1. Thank you for waiting Kevin. The Sophos scan ran for about 3 hours, however it didn't find any risk. I have attached the logs you requested. Since this morning after running the fix in FRST, the Bitcoinminer Activity 7 notification hasn't appeared. My laptop has also stopped overheating which started happening last week when the virus first appeared. Thank you for your help; I was really worried that I will have to format and factory reset my PC. What can I do to prevent such viruses from entering my PC in the future? Will the Norton 360 firewall be enough? Fixlog.txt SophosVirusRemovalTool
  2. Hi Kevin, Thanks for reaching out to help me. I really appreciate it. I have attached all the logs you requested as .txt files. Thank you NS Addition.txt AdwCleaner Logs.txt FRST.txt MalwareBytes History.txt
  3. Since the last week, after I was trying to install a software, I landed up at the wrong website. While everything seemed normal, it wasn't, the download installer was certainly a scam. It didn't install anything in-fact, my antivirus is consistently detecting an intrusion attempt titled - "Miner.Bitcoinminer Activity 7" every 10-30 mins. I use Norton 360. I have tried everything in my power and based on similar threads in the forum. I used Norton Power Eraser, Adwcleaner, RogueKiller, nothing seems to work. The warnings persist. My laptop is also getting more heated than usual. The source of t
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