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  1. Hello Advanced Setup! Need help again eats a lot of memory Malwarebytes Premium without scanning, Kaspersky deleted does not help fix new needed. I didn't reinstall Windows 10 because it's a dreary thing for me
  2. @AdvancedSetup would like to know if there is a virus in my PC somewhere, but none of the scanners Kaspersky, Eset, Dr.web revealed anything, including Malwarebytes Premium, no threats were found, and why then Microsoft Defender consumes 57% of memory I clicked register Malwarebytes in the security center?
  3. Good afternoon again, @AdvancedSetup! I liked your Malwarebytes product, unlike Kaspersky, but on the Internet they say Malwarebytes Premium is not an antivirus, but an add-on. This means that we still need to install the traditional antivirus together, but something Kaspersky swears at the Malwarebytes Premium licensed one, which bought at a student discount for 4 years at estore.malwarebytes.com and before that took a lifetime in 2013. For 30 thousand, it was not easy for a student for me to take advantage of the Premium for Android and decided to purchase with a student 95% discount while
  4. Good evening, Advanced Setup! Wouldn't the HP Framework be needed for the Malwarebytes Support Tool in case of future problems? And what about Kaspersky Small Office 8, I first deleted it, but later after a while decided to reinstall the only thing I think Malwarebytes Premium with Kaspersky won't cause a driver conflict? Simply Kaspersky recommends uninstalling Malwarebytes 3. ×. × as an incompatible device. 4) I have never used Dropbox at all. 6) I have software 6. The computer has software to prevent updates from Windows 10
  5. Something loudly starts downloading my logs, by any chance hackers to hack my pc?
  6. Good morning AdvancedSetup! I did the rearrangement as indicated in the article, check the logs this time everything is normal or that not everything behaves normally as it did last time. Thanks in advance and the previous message at the top above the archive itself, please delete, please, just attach the entire message along with the logs, everything has moved out
  7. Good morning @AdvancedSetup! I did the rearrangement as indicated in the article, check the logs this time everything is normal or that nmbst-grab-results.zipot everything behaves normally as it did last time. Thanks in advance
  8. I repeat in case of non-delivery of the message: @AdvancedSetup please let a colleague of Mark who just remembered calling tech support. That you are already solving my problem, since the technical department, as I understand it, is already here and you should not transfer the logs sent above.
  9. @AdvancedSetup пожалуйста, позвольте коллеге Марка, который только что вспомнил, что звонил в техподдержку. Что вы уже решаете мою проблему, так как технический отдел, как я понимаю, уже здесь и вы не должны передавать журналы, отправленные выше.
  10. Good night @AdvancedSetup I did the above steps and here is the Fixlog.txt Fixlog.txt
  11. Good evening Maurice Naggar! Yes, there was and is Kaspersky Small Office 8 along with Malwarebytes Premium to the antivirus protection add-on, before that I removed Kaspersky Small Office to reinstall Windows 10 due to BSOD. And Avast was 7 months ago, but I removed it because the protection was poor and asked to permanently remove Malwarebytes Premium.
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