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  1. I just did a windows update and when I restarted the computer it said ".HTML files was reset to Microsoft Edge" and that annoying popup is gone. I don't know why and don't really care it's gone and that's what matters.
  2. Not yet. It only happens on Edge, I have contacted Microsoft support, but who knows how long it will take them to get back to me if ever. It shows It is outbound and is very annoying. In the meantime I switched my browser to Firefox and have no problem. Hope either Malwarebytes or Microsoft gets it figured out because I like the Edge browser because of it's speed and ease of use.
  3. I am using the Microsoft Edge browser and every time I open it I get the message that pops up saying Malwarebytes has blocked a trojan Cilkonlay.com. When I try to see what that is I come up with nothing as to what that is. My Grandson has been using my computer for zoom learning and said he has only been connected to his school. It hasn't caused ant trouble, but very annoying. Thank you.
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