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  1. I saw it on startup in task manager and it is hiding im system 32, I deleted all realtek audio files and I guess it was desguised as them. My problem is half solved I don’t think I deleted all the related files. I already did eset and it found nothing
  2. I have already done eset scan and it doesnt work, I already found the culprit but I can't delete it. it is rtkauduservice64.exe and I disabled it and it stopped running at 100% at idle but still runs at 100% for an instant I open an application then stops, but it is still here. it is in system32 and I am trying to delete it but I cant
  3. Also system is using my disc space when I am downloading steam games, when it has never done before and the green line indicating disc space usage is double what it has ever been
  4. i will leave my logs under this, I have free version of malewarebytes and have already run scans of everything and they have detected nothing. Everyone and me including are suspected a bitocoin miner virus but I can't find it. msert.log DESKTOP-QDA1QFC.zip
  5. my gpu randomly started running at 100% at idle and the only fix I have found was to reset windows so I did multiple times, well it kinda worked but doesnt, not 100% use at idle but 100% use when doing anything like chrome games, opening anything. What I always see in task manager that I have never seen before that are using my gpu are system, client server runtime process, and desktop windows manager. I read in another old forum and did the steps but I need a fixlist.txt file for my stuff. Here are my logs for farbar. I have run malware bytes and every other scan and they have found not
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