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  1. I've never managed to fully resolve this. What I do is uninstall then reinstall the driver by restarting. Try it, restart, repeat, repeat, repeat. Put it into Sleep mode and leave it for a while. Waken up the machine and use. Then the wifi (usb type) will fail after a while and completely shut down. Restart. Wifi usb usually works after that but sometimes shuts down again. At this point the sound tends to come back of its own accord after a while. So it seems to be some type of power issue where something is shutting down the sound card / usbs but I haven't yet found a way to pr
  2. No, it's an Audigy FX (driver here) - I've reinstalled the latest release anyway (what was installed) but still the same. The only reason I installed a soundcard in the first place was because I was having the same issue using windows inbuilt sound. Yeah, I did all that earlier. Several times, trying various things. Sorry, I don't know how to edit a screenshot on this (Windows 10 is fairly new to me - God, I miss Windows 7!) - it says Creative Soundblaster Audigy FX is the speakers. Creative Audigy FX Yeah, I've done all this multiple times today (including just
  3. Unfortunately there was another update to .NET which borked the sound again. I've worked through every M$ (https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4520288/windows-10-fix-sound-problems) and umpteen other pages from the search results. I've worked through all the suggestions on this page. I've run the software suggestions above which previously seemed to fix the sound but they didn't work this time. 😕 Addition.txt DESKTOP-3HG61PL.zip FRST.txt
  4. Didn't even know that crap was on my computer! Thanks. Yeah, I'll need to look into that. As far as I can see there's only one computer on my network. I wonder if it's related to Acronis? I don't have FF on my computer. No idea why that's there but I'm guessing it's Bitdefender doing it. I'll need to investigate some more. Again, thanks for the help all!
  5. It's a custom build. Few years old now right enough but does what I need. I very much appreciate all your suggestions - I've been through them all (see below). Ok, I did all that. I've no idea how but somehow this fixed the sound!!! It's working! Brilliant. Thank you everyone!!!! DESKTOP-3HG61PL.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Thanks again. I've been through every Creative / Soundblaster app on my computer many times (umpteen restarts / testing different things). I've also drilled down through every Control Panel option and every Settings option several times. Always possible I've missed something but I'm beginning to wonder if the thing I'm talking about has been removed by M$ - I distinctly remember it only being 2 or 3 clicks in and I'm sure I initially searched for wireless or bluetooth & other devices or something like that under Settings.
  7. Again, thank you for the reply and your time. I went through everything (some things for about the twentieth time today lol) but it's none of these things. It's definitely accessed from a menu that is launched from the Search box. It isn't in a pop-up box or tab but rather it comes up in another sub-menu somewhere that is accessed from a link on one of the pages. Very frustrating not being able to find it.
  8. Again, thank you for the replies. No, it isn't any of these things. Everything is configured correctly to Soundblaster in every sound setting. The sound is there - it's just very, very quiet and barely audible at full volume (obviously I've checked all the volume levels etc.) First time this happened to me I spent a week installing / uninstalling adapters, sound cards, drivers, opening help tickets, etc, etc. and just couldn't get it to work and had given up trying to get sound on my computer. Then I was trying to get a video to play on my tv and was using the Search box looking for
  9. Hi, thank you for the reply. No, it isn't that. It's accessed via the Search box and is a sub-menu from something found from there. Like I say I discovered it by accident trying to watch video on my tv and couldn't figure out how to connect my tv so I was rummaging around through various menus. It appears in a random place, however, and it's in something like 'adapters' or something like that and there's a list of, I think, 3 completely unconnected 'adapters'. I've spent all day going through menu after menu and I just can't find it or remember what it is called. Absolutely doing my
  10. Hi, I had to run some fixes yesterday which included reinstalling .NET framework. Any updates to .NET invariably breaks the sound (Windows 10). Now, there's a setting somewhere I previously discovered by accident when trying to connect to my tv that turns the sound back on (it was a sub-menu of something) but I cannot find it for love nor money. I've been six hours looking for it today but I'm ready to launch it out the actual window. Does anyone know where I can find this setting - there's like several 'adapters' or something like that, one being a Soundblaster one that if I
  11. I'm guessing malware exploited a vulnerability on one of the extensions and was able to hook itself into their processes although I'm not sure which one. Seems to be completely resolved now thankfully. That was handy. Bonus! Going fine, thank you. No thank you. I appreciate the help very much.
  12. So I had a thought and looked at Chrome extensions... I was running these (have done for years): Adblock Plus Cookie AutoDelete Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker uBlock - AdBlock Tool for Chrome Tried turning them off, etc. Nope, still coming up when I went on Google. So I deleted all of them, restarted Chrome, them reinstalled them. So far, so good.
  13. Thanks. M$ altered their detections to include anything that writes to hosts file, which Anti-beacon does, hence the threat detection. So, I've ran FRST64 and reppoflag is still activating whenever I go to Google. 😕 Fixlog.txt
  14. Hi, I too, have the same issue with Reppoflag. Malwarebytes is blocking it from connecting but it launches every time I connect to Google using Chrome. I've followed all the steps in this thread up to Adwcleaner. (I haven't run the custom script, obviously) I've run a number of scanners on my computer but nothing is showing up. I would be grateful for some help with this. It is making me nervous. Thanks. mbst-grab-results.zip
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