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  1. Hi nasdaq, Thank you for the response and your time As instructed I have run FRST's Fix function with the fixlist.txt file as provided. Please find attached the fixlog.txt file as requested. I have subsequently rerun MWB again it did not however detect a threat from the file as it previously (see attached log for specific file). Additionally, I can now delete the file from the downloads folder if I wish to do so (I will hold off doing so for now though). No other issues have been detected since. Would I be okay in thinking that this has been dealt with now? I a
  2. Sorry forgot to add the other logs. I have run AdwCleaner by Malwarebytes from my Desktop and attached the log file to this response. I have also run the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and attached the the FRST.txt and Additions.txt logs as well to this post. In addition I made sure to update my Java to prevent any future exploit vulnerabilities that might have been a part of this as well using the latest versions/updated databases for the tools above. So far it seems that the program is simply existing and nothing else but I doubt it will stay that way forever. Addition.txt
  3. Hi guys, So I ran a full system scan last night and Malware bytes found two programs (one is a cheat trainer) and the other is a file called "explorer.exe" that has taken up residence in my Downloads folder on my computer. This latter program is labelled as RiskWare.HeuristicsReservedWordExploit. So I told Malware bytes to quarantine it and so malware bytes did its thing, restarted my computer but the action shows up as "Replaced" and the file is still there and present on my machine. I need assistance to remove this threat. I have uploaded a copy of the scan results.
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