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  1. I too have the problem with high cpu usage with svchost. I have tried the uninstall and clean up method with no success. If i get the time i will contact you about this. For now MBAM is disabled.
  2. Yes this would be a nice addition. Much better than having to open up MBAM to make sure it is updated.
  3. I have now changed one of the settings to "Run With Highest Privileges" Hopefully it should now run without being prompted by UAC.
  4. I am running Windows 7. I set the schedule for every 4 hours. The only problem is i get a prompt from UAC to run the program. Is there a way of allowing the updater to rum without disabling UAC?
  5. Thanks for all of your replies, most helpful
  6. Ok then i am completely and utterly confused. Is it good or bad? done a google and this means absolutely no sense at all to me.
  7. Hi, i am getting a blocked ip for this address IP-BLOCK This is provided by ftfans of Twister anti trojan antivirus, so i would assume it is a false positive.
  8. Hi, just bought myself 2 licenses for MBAM. With ip protecton enabled, i am unable to access http://www.twistee.org Now as far as i am aware this is a trusted site. Could anyone check this out for me. Thanks
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