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  1. When I get a PC fresh, seems I slow it down somehow. It used to fly, but now I want it to fly in another way. Like across the room. Ahaha! Ahhhhh!
  2. One other thing I can add that I just recalled is that this started happening more often until all the time now since I started seeing this black line going thru straight in the tab of the window underneath of the facebook name.
  3. Hello, my PC crashes at least once every few days. Mozilla Firefox browser pages take way too long to load and video graphics remain inconsistent sometimes freezing fr 10 15 seconds at a time. Facebook pages has been saying it sometimes, but now all the time after it loads " A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do? ". It will even say this when it is standing alone with one window opened in the browser. Thank you.
  4. Maurice, You are the man! Everything is working now, back on track. I can really get things moving here now. Much appreciated! Will recommend you to others. Anything I can do to help if I can lemme know. Billy
  5. Roger that, Maurice. Doing a restart now as per FRST64 request.
  6. Good morning, Maurice. From my difficulty getting it to work before, I got confused between scan and fix somehow. This computer is really getting me frustrated and impatient. I was thinking of getting an external hard drive and backing up everything on it then do a wipe of the drive here. Next time, I will invest in backing up every few days so I can do just that. It is doing the fix at the moment. Thanks, again. Billy
  7. Thank you Maurice and AdvancedSetup. I have sent the new logs via dm.
  8. Hi Maurice, I have noticed more suspicious activity on my PC. I'd like you to hide my results' uploads I have posted previously. There is sensitive data I do not wish to be publicized. Please let me know where I can send my latest scans. I am not going to upload the results on here, again. Thank you. Billy
  9. Maurice, Everything is where it was. The downloads, etcetera. Should I perhaps reinstall FRST64? Billy
  10. Good afternoon, Maurice The current status is, I don't know what I'm doing wrong about the scan. I'll try the scan again, but I have a strong feeling it wont recognize the accommodating file. It wont run the scan w/o it Please advise. Billy
  11. Hi, Maurice. My mistake. My one post I couldn't delete so I said scratch that last one. I wasn't specific and brief. Good night
  12. Nothing what you mentioned, however a trojan I am still trying to get rid of may be the cause. It happened when I got it.
  13. Running a lot of different scans. Don't know why it still in not working. Windows (64) PC Laptop Win 10. Was happy with Windows 7 or Vista.
  14. Top of the morning to you, Maurice. Fixlist.txt is in the same folder as FRST64. * No fixlist.txt found. The fixlist.txt should be in the same folder/directory the tool is located. (FRST) * No sure what happened or what I did different here.
  15. 777 Good evening, Maurice Did as instructed. The 1st, nothing came up. The 2nd, I have the results logged here. Kind regards, Billy
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