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  1. Thank you for the information and help! Hopefully that solves my BSOD problem.
  2. Hello, I had problems with my Windows 10 - BSOD. First I found out it was from my adguard WFP network driver, so I disabled it. However, I still continued to experience BSOD. And now I found out it's because my main antivirus - Emsisoft is conflicting with my malwarebytes WFP. Can I disable malwarebytes WFP somehow? Because I use it as an additional protection. Thank you in advance
  3. The worst thing that can happen is your Windows start experiencing BSOD. Take it from me, I already went through this. Leave only 1 WPF. And better be from an antivirus software. I stopped my adguard WPF. However, both my Emsisoft and Malwarebytes seem to use WPF that leads to BSOD and I wonder how to disable Malwarebyte's one.
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