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  1. Fixlog.txt Here it is. I've had ublock in the past, several months ago but had removed it (Or at leats used google's remove extension option). I've been using uBlock Origin and AdGuard. Thanks for the help
  2. Hello! I sent the files you requested in the last reply. And sorry for the double post
  3. Hello! When I do an initial Malwarebytes scan it shows threats. I put them in quarantine and do the requested reboot. After that I delete the threats. Do a new scan, no threats detected. The next day, when I turn on my PC and Malwarebytes detects what I think are the same threats from the day before. This has gone on for a couple of days, don´t really know what to do. I will copy paste the report: [Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 9/30/20 Scan Time: 12:41 PM Log File: f1c5ed0e-0311-11eb-bf6e-80fa5b7bcbfb.json -Software Information- V
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