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  1. Yes things are working just fine now, just needed to make sure all the units was using the lattes version of Privacy. Thank you for all the help with this matter. Regards Ketil
  2. Hello I have installed the new version, the problem I had with the earlier version is gone. But a new problem have occurred, I have a license for 5 devices at present I only uses the program on 4 devices. But when I try to connect to a server it shows a dialog box, shown in the image attached here. From what I understand it show this when the number of devices is higher than one have a license for. Could you have a look at this too? Tell me if you need new logs for this problem.
  3. The other day I updated the latest build of Privacy, after the update was finished it stopped working. It starts up and will run after the computer have been restarted and the icon are shown in the system tray. But when I try to open up the program it shuts down will not run. On my other computers this update went fine and there was no problem at all. I ended up reinstalling the computer to see if that would help but still I have the same problem. mbst-grab-results.zip
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