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  1. It has gotten worse after the update. There have been blue screens twice in two days. Attaching the photos. Also, first time, I had just opened Valorant (a game) (around 20 edge tabs were open) Second time, I was just working. A python program was running. (around 20 edge tabs were open) Also, another problem, when I restart, it goes into boot manager itself. (I dont press any key) (And there is only one OS on the machine) Attaching everything. Have a look. Thanks
  2. Yes, there was this specific update. I've updated it. Also, I have one doubt, there is only one edge window open now, in which there are only 4 tabs. What does the number in the bracket mean? Thanks
  3. updated both kaspersky total security and zoom. Ran the given script. Attaching log file. I just realised that after the previous steps (the ones you told in previous comment), the microphone and one usb type c port stopped working. After some general troubleshooting (uninstalling mic's drivers, doing nothing for the port and restarting the pc), both started working again. Just reporting
  4. okay, so I've done all the steps. Attaching all the files. There was one problem. After the clean boot, when I was re-enabling some startup processes there was this one with the name "program" and no other details at all. I did not enable it though. Attached its screenshot too. MTB.txt FSS.txt SecurityCheck.txt
  5. Hello, I am so sorry. I got a little busy. Will get back to you as soon as possible after running them
  6. Heres another one of a different incident. There was no noise/sound coming from the computer this time.
  7. So, as none of the tools detected any threats, Im probably not infected? But im facing a lot of issues. Like random blue screens. Attached a photo of the latest one which happened approx 15 days back and there was a screeching noise coming out. I have a video too, if you want to have a look. This is only of the latest one, I have encountered atleast 5 blue screens in the past 50 days. What can be done to resolve this?
  8. I did as you directed. Here is the screenshot of the usage details. im really confused now
  9. I downloaded and scanned using TrendMicro HouseCall software. It did not detect any threats. What can be done now?
  10. Im also unable to download it on my phone. I was getting really worried, so I downloaded it from a third party website (uptodown). I probably should not have but I was desperate Attaching log of scan, Please help AdwCleaner[S01].txt
  11. I am unable to download it. Even though the internet connection is fine. I've tried using incognito mode and even cleared all cache, still not able to download Attached screenshot of whats happening
  12. Did the scan with ESET software. Attaching log file Also, while normal web surfing there was a pop up from malwarebytes and it blocked one website from opening. Attaching that log too. Is it possible that a website in the top 3 search results on google can be harmful (trojan/malware)? Thanks eset_scan_log.txt pop-up_log.txt
  13. Followed those step and attached the files malwarebytes_report.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. Yes, that report is from 3rd September. Last scan using kaspersky was yesterday. The problem is that during the scan when the malware was detected, that scan was itself cancelled. Can be seen in the file attached earlier. No disinfection process was undertook and it was never detected in any future scans. So I believe that it might still be there. I used the Microsoft Safety Scanner. Attached two files, first one is of a quick scan. The other (msert_full_scan) is of a full scan (renamed file to avoid confusion) msert.log msert_full_scan.log
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