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  1. The secure link to itunes issue worked after running "netsh winsock reset" in cmd.
  2. sweet! that patch my pc software is cool! Thank you! So good news, it downloaded latest itunes! bad news still does not see my phone, it is however visible in My PC as "iPhone". Itunes diagnostics shows this:
  3. yeah when I went to the Microsoft App store and click download, nothing happens... hence me trying to uninstall it all and reinstall etc. Update through itunes didnt work AND couldnt download the app from app store. very weird. yeah 360, malware bytes, avg, etc were all running before and no issues maybe my shitty comp needs all of them to work
  4. oh no my itunes was newer version but I uninstalled it to download again and reinstall. But then couldnt download then just found my old download and installed that just now 😮 Dowloading the patch my pc thing now...
  5. hahaha i had to google Mr Kotter to get that ref yeah I too lazy to move over to Android, been with silly iphone since the start... I dont like change 👴 Please find the logs attached Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hello Long time... Btw on my 1st laptop..... im unable to download or update itunes and my iphone isnt showing up on itunes anymore since we did the fix :S Does uninstalling Bonjour have anything to do with it?
  7. running the seagate SeaTolls For Windows. Is there any specific test you'd like me to do?
  8. please find attached 1. Acronis logs 2. FSRT logs AcronisVSSDoctorReport_2020-10-01-03-25-27.txt AcronisVSSDoctorReport_2020-10-01-03-29-30.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. 2nd laptop isnt too old I dont remember, it came with windows 8 the year windows 10 just came out I think. Ran Acronis VSS Doctor (didnt fix will send log next) Ran Macrium (it ran and then just disappeared, restarted computer, ran FSRT and will send logs on next post) Downloaded SeaTools for Windows will run it next thank you
  10. unfortunately still unable to create a restore point. Same " Access denied (0x80070005)" Controlled Folder Access was OFF C:\Windows\Logs\CBS logs attached. Will download the programs recommended and get back. Thanks again CBS.log CbsPersist_20200930081605.log
  11. hiya, no prob its 8am here so not going to bed system protection was on and now manually trying to make a restore point which failed " Access denied (0x80070005)"
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