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  1. Looks good. Installed fine, kept my premium account active and successfully downloaded and installed an update. Thanks!
  2. @AdvancedSetupThe build you linked above installed fine and I was able to activate my license without issue. How will I know when I should re-enable the updates to get the new version with the fix for the certificate issue? Thanks!
  3. The same issue occurs when booted into "Safe Mode with Networking"
  4. Those are the exact steps I followed which resulted in the SSL error I mentioned in the post just above yours. The set of logs attached to that post were created with the support tool after the clean and reinstall option resulted in the same licensing failure. I see several instances of this error in the logs: 09/27/20 " 13:32:39.259" 429143 1b60 1c24 WARNING HttpConnection mb::common::net::HttpConnection::LogExceptionDetails "httpconnection.cpp" 1768 "Exception details: text=SSL Exception: error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed" 09/27/20 " 13:32:39.259" 429143 1b60 1c24 WARNING TelemCtrlImpl TelemetryControllerImpl::SendTelemetryRecord "telemetrycontrollerimplhelper.cpp" 2061 "Problem sending JSON data to DSE stream [errors] - server returned: -8"
  5. I did exactly that and every time I clicked "Restore Default Settings" the proxy was re-enabled but never had a server name or port number. After manually deleting every reference to my work network from the registry, I am now able to get a clean install of MalwareBytes to come up without the Proxy option being selected. That is progress I guess. However, now I'm back to the issue where any attempt to activate my license results in the following error: SSL Validation Error There was a problem validating SSL certificates. Please launch Internet Explorer once and then try the operation again. Even after launching IE, the license validation fails. What certificate is MalwareBytes trying to use for license validation and how can I confirm it is installed correctly? Latest set of logs attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. I did try with a manually-set DNS server of and it made no difference. For some reason, MalwareBytes thinks it is configured to use a proxy server, even though there is no proxy on my network. I went through my registry and removed every instance of my work network and MBAS still comes up thinking there is a proxy server. Where does MBAM store the setting regarding the proxy server? Is it hidden in the registry somewhere?
  7. OK, so I was confused that MBAM said there was a proxy server but my Internet Options showed no proxy options were enabled. Then I realized that the MBAM client had its own proxy options under Settings. In the MBAM client, the Proxy option was enabled, but there was no server listed and the port # had a validation error (stating that it must be between 1-65k) but it had no value. I turned off the MBAM Proxy option, rebooted and then was able to Check for Updates successfully (which found no updates, so apparently I'm running the latest version). However, I still cannot activate my license key. I get the error "Unable to contact license server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help." I've attached an updated version of the logs gathered by the support tool. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Yes, that is the proxy server used on my work network. However, I am not connected to my work network and my Internet Options control panel shows that no proxy options are checked. I guess the question is "Why does MBAM think that a proxy is enabled?"
  9. Updates to Malware Bytes were failing so i manually downloaded the installer to install the latest version. Even though I had the fully licensed version previously, the new install ran as the "Free" version so I tried to activate it with my license code, which failed. The error message is "Cannot validate SSL Certificates". If I continue as the Free version, and try to check for updates, that fails as well. The version info is as follows: MalwareBytes: Update Pkg Version: 1.0.29939 Component Pkg Version: 1.0.1045 I've attached the logs from the MB support tool. mbst-grab-results.zip
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