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  1. Hiya, Still trying to get around to getting another flashdrive. Thank you for checking up. I will update you both as soon as I get another one. Thanks again.
  2. I completely lost the flashdrive when I finally got around to it. I'll have to get another one.. haha. I'll keep you posted. Thanks Kevin.
  3. I've been a little busy. I do check this every once in a while. It's hard to keep up with schoolwork and my computer. I'll keep trying to push in some time so I can do this. Thanks Kevin.
  4. Sure is. I'll make sure to do this.
  5. Again, the cd can be created from another pc?
  6. and put it on the flashdrive?
  7. installation CD and system repair CD? did the virus remove the "Repair your computer"?
  8. Is this where I'm suppose to be?
  9. One more question/concern. Striking F8 repeatedly doesn't seem to do anything, and launching the PC into safe mode using the command window doesn't really feel like it actually did what I prompted it to.
  10. Hey, I've got a 16GB flashdrive since it was app i could find. So again, what do I need to install on it?
  11. Sorry for the late response.. I'll be working towards getting a flashdrive. I'll reply to you when I do get it. No clue when that'll be. Thanks Kevin.
  12. Hiya Kevin. Do you know where I could get a flash drive? Does any computer work? I just need to install Farbar to the Flashdrive I plug into the other computer? I'll make sure to get one as soon as possible.
  13. mbar-log-2020-09-27 (20-40-30).txtsystem-log.txt Those are the most recent ones. 4th Scan was 17. I'll leave it at that and shut it down for tonight. I'll see you tomorrow hopefully. Bye Kevin thanks for the help today.
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