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  1. Gotta say I'm impressed by the MB Support Tool It's got all you need - Sys Analysis zipped up with a Get Out Of Jail Free card on top. @Exile360 Unfortunately I played that card BEFORE reading your advice 😫 AND, on my own instinct and wanting to get on and not mess around, I've done a CLEAN too So I'm settling for a Cleaned-No-MB system for a day or two. I will re-install and report back when my app runs cleanly in a non-MB environment. I stumbled across the MSOffice VBScript switch late last night (it's 0630 here now) and turned it off but, in ignorance of the me
  2. I'm mightily impressed by the speed of response in this forum This is only my 2nd thread; the response to my first was excellent, helpful and v informative I've re-written an Excel Forms app, written in VBA. I like to think I know my VBA pretty well, tho I'm still learning The code fails on CreateObject for the RegExp object I have the proper library refs all set in Tools/References - makes coding so much easier Herewith the Zip file as requested Spilly81 mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. I'm fuming a bit at MB's behaviour... (as a new MB user, but an old hand in matters IT, and an old-fashioned hand too I guess) MB should be zealous in blocking stuff; that's what it's supposed to do but I'm NOT HAPPY when it seemingly won't obey its own Allow list I have an app in Excel VBA which is required to validate UK PostCodes The only way I have found todo it is by Reg Expression - like this (?:(?:A[BL]|B[ABDHLNRST]?|C[ABFHMORTVW]|D[ADEGHLNTY]|E[CHNX]?|F[KY]|G[LUY]?|H[ADGPRSUX]|I[GMPV]|JE|K[ATWY]|L[ADELNSU]?|M[EKL]?|N[EGNPRW]?|O[LX]|P[AEHLOR]|R[GHM]|S[AEGKLMNOPRSTWY
  4. Thanks indeed - that sounds really useful Something to add to my recommended software list for those I've dug out of a mess - and I hadn't obviously kept up with things, 'cos I wasn't aware that the current Edge is based on Open SOurce code Right now I'm playing around with another Open Source product - Scribus, a DTP product. There is some evidence of inconsistencies and poor practices in the UI but it seems very capable for our little village magazine, which couldn't possibly justify a paid-for Adobe or CorelDraw In the longer term one can't even guarantee that everyone
  5. At this point, I think it's Over and Out - with, once again, my thanks for a really good, informative experience on my first post here
  6. I v. much doubt it will return, as I keep a close eye on my startups and on running background processes - tho I certainly don't know ALL of the places where executables can be triggered at startup I've a pretty good idea how I caught this one... I often help others out with troublesome PCs, usually ancient ones of obscure cheapo brands Finding drivers for such devices can be a real pain. I really don't like handing it back with Dev Mgr warnings, so I can go anywhere I think might help, including those driver websites where it's so difficult to choose which Download butto
  7. That's a really helpful and informative set of replies. Thanks. It turned out that my system is indeed as clean as I had hoped, as MB detected only just this one item I didn't know beforehand what it might find, so I wasn't ready, looking in Regedit, ahead of the scan. - circular problem that! I've always been very sceptical about marketing hype in the software industry, but accept that MB actually has a good reputation, and may well have cleaned out a real PUP I didn't know about. I should have tried RESTORE, not Delete, shouldn't I? I shall now remove this key from my
  8. Thanks for your interest. I should state at the outset I'm quite certain that MB did not add anything nasty. Nor did it do anything wrong, other than claim a success when in truth it did nothing at all to correct what it claimed as a PUP I reckon all the Delete Quarantined items did was to empty the Quarantine Box itself. I'm equally certain that MB DEFINITELY DID *NOT* clean the registry of this PUP PRIMARY REASON - It's still there in the registry right now This was what I did at the time - 'cos I was curious to see how things worked (or not!) I had Regedit open at th
  9. I'm a new MB user. I read all the blurb about scanning and quarantining, and wonder how it all works - in principle; not trade secrets of course but I'm a bit sceptical, having done without this product for many years, and, to my knowledge avoided all trouble. Anyway I have a complimentary subscription to MB for two years, so why not? It would be good to see if my system is as clean as I think it is after running well for about 5 or 6 years. So I did a scan, and came up pretty clean 😁... but NOT 100% MB found a registry PUP and quarantined it. The report gives me the
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