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  1. Thanks! Followup question: That file is in a filedump directory that shouldn't be searchable. How on earth did the bot get hold of it? Unless it's from when we tried to use it on someone's MB-protected computer.
  2. Either way, it's removed for now. Please restore the client's site - and I'm guessing any other site we host as that IP address - to working order. If you've got any advice on the other question I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  3. That's an IP scanner tool I use at client's places to find printers when there's over 200 machines on the network. I keep it in a subdirectory for convenient download. It's called Angry IP scanner (which I admit doesn't SOUND benign, but it is), but I shall remove it if it suits the whims of your crawler's algorithm. Any chance you could tell me how/where on the server I CAN store it for easy access? Thanks very much for the info. I'll remove it in the meantime, but if you can tell me a good way to make it available to myself without your bot having a hissy fit I'd truly appreciate it. I
  4. We've checked EVERY FILE in the host. No viruses. No "Trojan," no nothing. Completely false positive. (We've run an IT company for 21 years, so if WE can't find a virus? IT. AIN'T. THERE.) Could you please kindly correct this error so our client can function properly and so that their customers confidence isn't undermined by your software's mistake? We truly appreciate it.
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