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  1. Okay. I just wanted to say that this antivirus is misleading peopleMy comments were about something else
  2. Kms has nothing to do with it. The program just found it. Let me decide for myself what to use and what notKms has nothing to do with it. The program just found it. Let me decide for myself what to use and what not
  3. If you remove MailRu from the search engine, the program will not find anything. Definitely a false threat virus not found.txt
  4. I formatted the SSD and hard drive. I installed the latest version of Windows from the official site. Not logged into chrome account. Installed your antivirus and it still finds this "virus". This is complete nonsense. False alarm. I opened files marked with antivirus in notepad and all I saw there were lines with the mention of the search engine MailRu. All my friends have the same thing. Please correct your program.
  5. Henceforth, I will be very careful on the Internet. This unwanted program may have been supplied by Utorrent. I sometimes use it to download movies. Unfortunately, Russia is a very poor country and not everyone can afford to buy content. So, utorrent has already been caught installing viruses on its users' computers. It was 2015 and they built a bitcoin miner into their program. Then they were removed after the scandal. Even before reinstalling Windows, I had such an extension in my browser. Perhaps it was also put by Utorrent
  6. Thank you very much! It turned out that this program was really in my Google sync data, I followed the instructions and was able to get rid of it forever. I toiled with this program for several days, reinstalled windows 2 times, and now my suffering is over. All thanks to you
  7. I don't use mailru in any way. I even have it removed from search engines. Is there a way to clear my Google Chrome data so that the antivirus no longer swears and I never see anything related to this terrible company?
  8. Maybe I don't understand something, but where could the program be there? Antivirus swears at files and one folder, but these are not applications. How can this be PUP?
  9. However, there is no program there. Nobody changed my browser settings. Your antivirus is wrong
  10. It seems to me that antirus does not like mailru so much that even an ordinary inscription is considered a virus xD
  11. File scan in virustotal https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/47369479bd54f3d4e60b3cec4a4fa4fe35747f9839fb5498ff39de4537741b04/detection
  12. Hello. My malwarebytes indicates that 15 PUP.Optional.MailRu viruses were found. If you open these files in Explorer and scan, the antivirus will not swear. Other antiviruses also do not swear, as the site virustotal.com does not say that these 15 files contain a virus. I opened files and found nothing that looked like a virus. As I understand it, MailRu is listed in the file as part of the Google Chrome search engine. The files themselves are located in its folders. On a clean windows system, if you download Google Chrome and scan Malwarebytes, it will find this virus, although there is no virus. P.S There are no viral extensions in my browser
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