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  1. Hi again At this point, everything seems to be running fine, thank you very much for the help, and your patience. As for the starting issue, being that I couldn't run a rootkit scan, should I try running one again? or should i just accept that my computer might not be able to handle running one, and that a normal quick scan is secure enough? - Adam
  2. Hi Maurice, and AdvancedSetup Im still kind of buried in exam prep, so again sorry, i'm not trying to be rude. I ran the script, and i've attached the log, how does it look? - Adam Fixlog.txt
  3. Hi maurice Sorry for the late response, i've been studying for an exam the last couple of days and kind of forgot about our conversation. I haven't run the script yet, could you elaborate on why i need to run it? is there another way of verifying that windows defender is running? - Adam
  4. Hi again Maurice. I've done alle the steps and i've attached the log, as you've asked. - Adam log.txt
  5. Alright, the normal scan seemed to work out fine. It did register about 14 elements, and when these are put into quarantine it closes my chrome tabs. So i'm guessing they are adware connected to chrome? Even though I delete them, they reappear after a reboot and a new scan. On the other note, even though a rootkit scan isn't necessary, isn't it odd that my computer can't complete a rootkit scan. without going into the BIOS or the windows abort STOP screen? Which i'm not quite sure what means? Again thanks alot for the help! - Adam Ps. i've attached the log from my
  6. Sorry for the late response, seems like the forum has been down? ******************************************** Hi again Thanks for the update with instructions. I've done everything, except the windows update. When checking with windows update, it says that my system is up to date. But underneath it, it says that i will get a notification when windows 10 2004 is ready for my unit. Other then that, everything seems fine. Should I try running the rootkit scan again? or do you have any other suggestions?
  7. Hi Maurice Thanks alot for helping out! You can call me Adam. I did what you asked, and i've attached the zip file to this reply. - Adam mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Hi guys, I have a few questions and need help fixing an issue with malwarebytes. So I recently bought malwarebytes premium, and have got the 4.2.0 version installed on my computer. The normal scan works fine, but the other day I wanted to do a deeper scan, and whent into advanced and enabled scanning for rootkits, this is where my issues started. First of all, when running the scan for rootkits, my computer slowed down, to the point of not being usable at all. Second, the scan took forever compared to the normal quick scan. So I decided to leave it overnight. I've done this twi
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