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  1. My malwarebytes says SSL validation error when i try to use a key i sent my logs MBAMSERVICE.LOG mbst-check-results.txt Addition_21-09-2020 17.12.38.txt FRST_21-09-2020 17.12.38.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-support-log.txt mbst-stub-results.txt PFRO.log setupapi.dev.log mbsetup.log mb_setup10860.log Service mbamiservice.log Service mb_errors10260.log Service mb_errors10676.log Service mb_errors11640.log Service mb_errors13716.log Service mb_errors14436.log Service mb_errors14960.log Service mb_errors16176.log Service mb_errors16268.log Service mb_errors1788.log Service
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