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  1. I'm fine and doing better now this has been solved. Strangely, the message that firewall is off and should be turned on appears every time I start the computer in the right hand box on the desktop. When I check, the firewall is working so this is a false warning. It is harmless but a bit strange. Overall I have been very satisfied with your intervention. Keep up the good work. In the meantime I wil give you as many likes and thanks as the site will allow.
  2. First I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow I will do as you ask.
  3. I tried to check the registry via regedit. In [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\SharedAccess] all the items were exactly as the SharedAccess.reg would have made it. However as soon as I tried to open "Defaults" or "Epoch" or "Epoch2" or "Security" sub-items I got the error that access was denied. But the sub-items "Firewall Policy" and "Triggerinfo" were accessible. So the blockade is very specific. I must admit that I did not check all FirewallRules but I got the clear impression that the registry in the SharedAccess key was conform the SharedAcce
  4. Yes, all the way to the left. Check. Stubborn little bugger...
  5. I'm sorry to report that SharedAccess.reg did not merge. Same error as before.
  6. Here the result of the actions you prescribed. I have made a note of all Disabled Services.
  7. Checked: CFA off merge in normal mode: failed merge in safe mode: failed
  8. Controlled Folder Access was already off before today's actions. Still will try. I will report later.
  9. Result of merge attempt in Safe mode exactly the same error. So I did not proceed with further steps.
  10. SharedAccess.reg merge gave error: Cannot import c:\...\... : an error occurred trying to gain access to the registry.
  11. Correction: I did use Cleanwipe because of the fact that I used Symantec Antivirus about a year ago. I thought maybe leftovers from that install could cause problems.
  12. I do not recognise Cleanwipe, but you're right that I installed Tweaking.com in a more or less desperate attempt. I realised soon that this was a mistake and I have removed the program. There is no second help going on. I used the Malwarebyte Removal tool thinking that this would eliminate a possible error-cause. If I have caused difficulties I apologise sincerely. You have been patient and courteous and persistent and I would like you to continue trying to solve this mystery. From now on I will refrain from spontaneous actions on my own.
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