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  1. On one of the two computers under observation, MWB failed to start after a few reboots. After turning off the AVG behavior shield, MWB would start. MWB was added to the allowed app list in AVG. MWB and AVG are currently co-existing. Will update my post if something interesting happens.
  2. Thank you for your kind offer, but I am pausing here to observe behavior. Will update my post if something interesting happens. Maybe I will post logs then.
  3. and why I subsequently posted that I had updated them! 🤔
  4. For those playing along at home... - hat tip to EEVLog Dave. Computer 1 & 2 appear to have cooperative MWB and AVG applications. Fastboot turned off...WIN10 default of ON is a short sighted decision. AVG and MWB both have exclusion/allow lists for each other. Both applications are updated. Am pausing here to observe behavior. Although I have run MWB and AVG for the last 10 years, I suspect that they are now colliding as both applications grew in scope and are likely conflicting with each other. Will update my post if something interesting happens.
  5. Porthos, Sorry for any confusion, but those logs are NOT from the computer that you asked for those actions to be performed. The logs are from another "like computer" that is now exhibiting the same problem, i.e. the MalwareBytes service being suspended. However, for that "like computer" the support tool did complete and provide logs that I attached to my last response. I was hoping that the logs would indicate the root cause of what is happening before eliminating any evidence of the problem. I always prefer root cause (or best estimate) in lieu of triage. That's okay. You have pro
  6. Just when you thought that you saw it all, it gets better! Although the support tool successfully ran on a like computer system, MWB now fails to start with Malwarebytes Service "suspended". I reran the support tool and the log file is attached. Hopefully it will provide some insights. TUIA for any feedback provided. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Porthos, Wow, this just took an interesting turn. After finishing work, I rebooted the computer and walked away. This morning I logged into WIN10 and MWB was running and functional. What changed? As previously posted, I added the MWB exclusions to AVG. Also, AVG updated and is awaiting a reboot. I will provide an update after attempting the support tool log collection and rebooting.
  8. Porthos, Thank you again for the instructions. I successfully ran the support tool on a like computer with the same software. The only differences are 8G vic 16G memory (not an issue) and a functional MWB software. At this point I believe that MWB is corrupted and prevents the support tool from completing. Since you addressed my largest concern (maintaining my license), I am inclined to run the uninstall/reinstall using the MWB support tool. Thank you for the guidance. I will be patient. It took the support tool 5+ minutes to fail. I will post back the results soon.
  9. Porthos, Thank you again for the instructions. I added the MWB exclusions to AVG. Unfortunately, I can neither add any exclusions to nor turn off Web Protection MWB since it will not start. At my first opportunity, I will reboot the computer and see if the support tool creates the zip file. Exile360, Thank you for your feedback. I prefer to fix MWB vice uninstall/reinstall. I am concerned if force the uninstall then MWB will detect the reinstall as fraudulent and prevent activation. Please let me know if I am overlooking something. At this point, I think that an un
  10. Porthos, Thank you for the instructions. I ran the support tool twice, but it could not create the zipped file. The second attempt was after a clean reboot without any other applications running. I run AVG AV. Is it possibly blocking the support tool?
  11. Greetings and TUIA for your advice and feedback. WIN10 1909 not yet updated to 2004. Installed Win updates KB4574727, KB4576484 and KB4576751 on 8-9 SEP. Malwarebytes Service set to automatic, but remains at a "starting" status. I try to stop then restart, but selecting stop says, "Unable to stop service. Operation could not be completed. Access is denied". Yes, I have admin privileges. Naturally, MWB software will not start. Do I have any other options other than a force removal and install? If so then how do I avoid a possible installation block by MWB for not uninstalling firs
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