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  1. I have version 4.2.1 and I am running the free version. How do I know when a new version comes out? I have the let me know when a new version comes out unticked because I don't want malwarebytes to start at startup. I was told if you don't want the program to start at startup leave that unticked. How else could I find out when a new version comes out? Thanks
  2. Thanks, for that information. So far mine is still not loading at startup. This has been for the last couple of days. I will continue on for now with what I am doing. Thanks, again for all the information on my topic!
  3. Not to be stupid but can I run the offline installer while I am on line? Never did this before. If I can't do that then what do I need to do? Thanks, to all who responded!
  4. I am not sure what to do. Do I download the offline installer from the link given or do I download the malwarebytes support tool sent by exile360? How does the offline installer work? If I run the malwarebytes support tool will that change any of my settings? Will that consume space on my computer? Sorry, just reformatted and don't want to make any changes. Yesterday I unchecked startup with windows rebooted and then checked do not start up with windows and it did not startup today. I am not sure if this will continue on this way or will it come back to my startup. I just want my compute
  5. brad03, thanks for responding can you send me a link for a safe free version? I am going to run the support tool but I might need to reinstall a new version. Thanks, again
  6. This is my first post so please put it where it needs to be
  7. I am using malwarebytes free and all the settings are set for it to not run at startup, however, it still does. I read this in 2019 this same forum the same thing was happening. I just tried to put it on then reboot then turn it back off and reboot and it was not in my startup. I am not sure this will last can someone give me some more solutions. Thanks
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