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  1. I should be set! I want to personally thank you for the top notch support! It's been a long time since I've seen such amazing and thorough support, especially at no cost! I've gotten support from paid subscriptions that aren't even half as detailed or courteous as you have been! I will definitely be purchasing a subscription to Malwarebytes as my to go antivirus, especially after seeing how serious and helpful the staff are! You have my full support and recommendation! Is there any way I could show my support and gratitude to you directly - such as a referral to my purchase?
  2. I have finally finished installing the updates for all listed programs, and have attached an updated SecurityCheck log. SecurityCheck2.txt
  3. Done. I got an error about my internet connection, but ran it locally. Log attached SecurityCheck.txt
  4. I have finished the Microsoft scan, and had one detection. The log is absolutely filled with thousands of "Scan ERROR:"s. The bulk of them appear to be from a Halo game, though no games were running. Log attached msert.log
  5. Okay, so I have removed my F: drive, only moving my Steam games from that drive to my new G: drive. This drive was the most suspicious drive, with many random and suspicious programs that I haven't used in years. If anything, it's just an absolute mess of files of programs. After being sure there's nothing more I may need from that drive, I imagine I should be able to reformat the drive and use it like new. I have finished both tests from Kaspersky and ESET. ESET found many PUPs, all on my F: drive. A few of them looked very suspicious, while a couple were false positives (though I removed
  6. I actually finally got it to install a little over an hour ago. It is currently in the process of scanning my files, and has 11 detected objects thus far. I doubt it will finish scanning anytime soon, though. I will also run the Kaspersky tool tomorrow, after this scan has finished, and reply with both the logs. I'm rather tired, and gonna head to sleep while the scan runs. Have a goodnight!
  7. Having lots of trouble trying to download the modules. The download has failed three times now, due to my slow internet connection. The download reaches about 90% after two hours, then fails. Getting about 500kbps today 😕
  8. I have finished both things you have asked, and have attached the requested log. I noticed you posted an hour after my last post, and really appreciate you taking the time out of your night to help me! Support has been amazing thus far! Fixlog.txt
  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me! Please, get some sleep. I was just planning on doing the same, before I seen your reply. I grabbed the log files for the fullscan and a normal scan I did before the fullscan, as well. The firstscan.txt is the first, normal scan I did fullscan.txt is the partial fullscan that you had me cancel newscan.txt is the scan I did in according to your request Looking forward to hearing back from you tomorrow! Thanks again for the support! Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt firstscan.txt FRST.txt fullscan.txt new
  10. I am in the process of a custom, full scan of all my drives. The duration has just hit 4 hours, and is still going. 1,377,600 items have currently been scanned.
  11. Okay, so I recently had my passwords changed to important accounts through my Yahoo Mail. This was quite a shock, and I started looking into it. All the "Recent Activity" in my Yahoo account is only from my IP address, which worries me. After opening a ticket with Yahoo, they assure me that all login activity would be documented there, which means that this illegal login had to have been done from my computer, right? I'm not sure where to start at finding what could be causing this, as I'm using old hard drives, from when I was young and stupid, which used to have - or still have, lots of
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