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  1. I haven't found the cause of it, however it doesn't seem to be doing anything, so I left it alone.
  2. I did everything here; the application still only appears in the startup applications in settings. Running the software didn't help, nor did rebuilding search index.
  3. It's also not appearing in the search bar, autoruns, or application list
  4. I ran FRST64 with fixlist.txt inside the folder; after doing so and my computer restarting and repairing, the unknown startup program was still there. Fixlog.txt
  5. This is an issue I've been having for a few days now. There's a peculiar program in my startup applications that changes its name from -silent to jumbled characters, and occasionally just disappears entirely. However, it hasn't done any harm to my system, but I'd like to find the source and remove it from the system entirely. It isn't detected by malwarebytes, anti-rootkit, adware cleaner, task manager, or autoruns. If someone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. malware log.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. This file also doesn't appear in task manager or autoruns. It hasn't done anything of harm, but I'd like to know what it is and how to remove it. Log files of FRST and malwarebytes are provided. FRST.txt Addition.txt malware log.txt
  7. This application doesn't appear in task manager, autoruns, and is not detected by malwarebytes, the anti-rootkit, and adware cleaner. However, it hasn't caused any harm yet, but if anyone has any advice for this, please let me know as it will be greatly appreciated.
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