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  1. I've attached the log of the detection report. I haven't used the Wacom tablet for years so I was fine quarantining the files rather than leaving them to get detected again. mwb_wacom.txt
  2. My Allow List contains freeyellow.com, www.freeyellow.com, ftp.freeyellow.com, and mysqladmin.freeyellow.com. Yet upon visiting any of these it continues to block the site. I use all or these regularly, as Freeyellow is my webhost and I need to be able to access those URLs to make changes to my website. Really annoying having to click "continue to site" every single time.
  3. I've been using XAMPP for a long time on this laptop (and haven't updated the version either, the .exe file literally has not changed since installing it because the newer versions cause the website not to work for some reason), and I've also had Malwarebytes on this laptop for a while, and Malwarebytes today says it is Malware. Attached are the .txt log file of the Malwarebytes report, and XAMPP control panel file that is being labeled. mwb_xampp.txt xampp-control.zip
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