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  1. Hi, i really need some help. I have decided to do analyze my network traffic when i saw that two of my computer's makes some weird DNS queries to this url zwyr157wwiu6eior.com Here is the Output of my wireshark capture : Frame 987: 112 bytes on wire (896 bits), 112 bytes captured (896 bits) on interface \Device\NPF_{55FD0CF9-BC43-4272-B55B-C621B4C05F5A}, id 0 Interface id: 0 (\Device\NPF_{55FD0CF9-BC43-4272-B55B-C621B4C05F5A}) Interface name: \Device\NPF_{55FD0CF9-BC43-4272-B55B-C621B4C05F5A} Interface description: Wi-Fi 3 Encapsulation type: Ether
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