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  1. Thanks I will keep the tool in mind. Support did finally contact me and fixed something on their side of things. I think my legacy license was a snag but they cleared it up. Thanks for your replies!
  2. My ticket numbers are: 3190500 and 3195710. I also attached license info when I submitted the first one. I uninstalled with windows add/remove.
  3. Never had issue for years (I have a 3-PC license), but now it says expired temporarily extended. I confirmed payment info correct, and the receipt shows transaction authorized, and my credit card shows the charge went thru. I tried totally re-installing and re-activating, but same thing. I created two tickets, but nothing beyond auto-response on either one for several days now. I am concerned about MWB premium protection stopping. I see this has happened to others, but it looks like I need some direct help.
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